Update: Depth in Practice Study Group (Dharma Study Group)

Tonight’s Depth in Practice Study Group has been canceled. Appamada Austin is in an intensive (retreat). They’ll resume next week, January 30th, with a lecture by a Sanskrit scholar.

On February 6, the Depth in Practice Study Group will start reading Lex Hixon’s book, The Mother of Buddhas. This book delves into the Prajnaparamita Sutra, a key foundational text of Mahayana Buddhism, from which derived Chan Buddhism, Korean Seon, Japanese Zen, Pure Land Buddhism, Nichiren Buddhism, Tiantai, Tendai, Shingon Buddhism, and Tibetan Buddhism. Note that I will be out of town on February 6, though.

If you want to participate but can’t make it to 1607 N 7th St (or if I am out of town like I will be on February 6th), you can Zoom in and participate online by clicking this link: https://zoom.us/j/602517590


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