Your Body Knows The Answer

This evening, we enjoyed our first, fifth-Thursday of the month meditation–body awareness practice–trying out a meditative technique known as GAP from David Rome’s book, Your Body Knows The Answer.

You all know and have experienced what Rome calls the felt sense. Butterflies when you’re about to go before a group or on a first date. A chill down your spine when you’re scared. Goosebumps when you’re moved. A broken heart when you lose someone. The felt sense is the body’s storehouse of wisdom speaking to you. We catch the big ones I’ve just listed, but the thing is, our bodies are almost always telling us something. And we ignore this energy to the detriment of everyone. What we practiced tonight is a way of getting out of our heads and into a position where we are approaching life more holistically by tuning into our bodies.

Rather than recap the whole shebang, however, you might find more useful this interview with David Rome in which he discusses the felt sense, and introduces the meditative technique we explored tonight GAP–grounded, aware, presence. For those of you who are more visually inclined, here is a video recording of David Rome reading excerpts of Your Body Knows The Answer and teaching GAP and its complimentary tool, empathic inquiry.

I hope you find GAP useful. It’s given me a keener awareness of my own felt senses and allowed me to stay more present and engaged in situations that used to rattle me (such as a noisy classroom!).

We wrapped up the evening by reading Torei Zenji’s Bodhisattva vowand then chanted The Shigu Segin Mon.

I’ll hope to see you next Thursday for our 4th compassion practice of the year in which we’ll take up our April’s Lojong slogan.

With gratitude,


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