In Memoriam, Cynthia Hood

The Big Bend area is mourning the passing of Cynthia Hood. She died suddenly early Wednesday morning. 

Cynthia was amazingly strong, stunningly resilient, a loving mama, a gifted yoga teacher, a dedicated Vipassana practitioner, a graceful dancer, a lover of life, and a reliable friend to all. 

My thoughts and prayers go out to her magical daughter, Luna. These two were inseparable. Let’s keep Luna and Cynthia in our hearts in the days ahead. I’ve added Cynthia’s name to our altar.

In the Zen Buddhist tradition, we have the iconic bodhisattva Jizo, the protector of women, children, travelers, animals, and all those passing through loss and grief. His mantra is a simple one, and it is ideal for those times when a loss feels so great that no response seems adequate. I encourage everyone who knows Cynthia and Luna to chant Jizo’s dharani for peaceful transitions. From what I understand, it is to be chanted three times or nine times (A is pronounced ah in Japanese, while E is pronounced as a long A sound):

Om – Ka – Ka – Kabi – San – Ma – E – Sowa – Ka

Fair sailing, my old friend. 

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