Embodied Presence

This evening, Mary introduced us to another Loch Kelly “glimpse”–a practice of “unhooking” awareness from egoic thinking and shifting into open awareness. If you couldn’t make it this evening and want to try what Kelly calls the “ultimate-level” body scan, here’s how he describes the meditation in Shift Into Freedom:

GLIMPSE 3 Embodied Presence

In the “Experience Attention” glimpse in chapter 3, you moved local awareness to experience one of your hands directly from within. In this glimpse, you’re going to move local awareness to experience the entire body at once, directly from within. If you’ve ever done a body-scan meditation, this is similar, but you’re not scanning your body from your everyday mind using attention. This is an “ultimate-level” body scan that begins by unhooking local awareness from thought and knowing your whole body directly from within.

1. Unhook local awareness from thought.

2. Let local awareness drop down, feeling its way down through your face to your neck.

3. Be aware of not looking down from your head to your body. Notice what it’s like when local awareness feels and knows awareness and sensations directly from within your body.

4. Now allow the local awareness to remain aware from within your upper body and continue to fill your entire body from head to toe.

5. Feel the local awareness scan from within your neck to include your shoulders, arms, and hands, and then further expanding to be aware within your chest, upper back, belly, and lower back.

6. Allow local awareness to continue moving downward to include and know your hips, waist, backside, and thighs from within.

7. As your awareness moves down the length of your body, notice the release from holding, and a deep relaxation. Be aware of the space, awareness, and aliveness within your knees, calves, shins, ankles, feet, toes, and soles of your feet.

Kelly, Loch (2015-09-01). Shift into Freedom: The Science and Practice of Open-Hearted Awareness (Kindle Locations 2596-2617). Sounds True. Kindle Edition.

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