Awareness of Space: June 14th’s Concentration Practice

While I was in England last week, Mary and Lindsay led the group in concentration practice, kinhin, and zazen. Mary selected one of Loch Kelly’s glimpse practices. Here’s a description of the meditation if you’d like to try it at home:

Awareness of Space – In the Buddhist tradition it has a few other names; Choiceless Awareness, Big Sky Mind and Objectless Shamatha. Local awareness is malleable, it can focus, join one of the senses, and in this next glimpse, local awareness can let go, and be aware of objectless space. So just unhook local awareness from thought, and have it focus on the sounds to coming to one of your ears. Just let local awareness move from thinking, completely let it unhook and then be interested in focusing on this one small area in one ear, noticing vibration, sensation, not interested in what you are hearing or interpretation, just hearing, in one small area. Now just as local awareness is able to unhook and focus on a small area it can also open to the space all around. So now let local awareness unhook from hearing and open to the space in which sound is coming and going. Let local awareness move outside of your body and become interested in the space all around in which sound is coming and going. You can first be interested in the movement and then focus on the objectless space. Let awareness merge and mingle with this space. The empty space of the mind in which thoughts and sounds are moving. The space is both outside and inside. And from this space there is no outside and inside. No boundaries and separation, just space and movement and awareness. Continue to be interested in the boundless space. What is it like when there is no object to chew on? Let all of your senses, your entire being and awareness feel the space, all around and within, continuous feel. Notice the effects of awareness of space. Just choicelessly aware of movement, from this big sky awareness. (Shift into Freedom: A Training in the Science and Practice of Open-Hearted Awareness,  Loch Kelly)

Due to more summer travel, we’ll be closed for zazen this Wednesday, June 21st. We’ll resume as normal on Wednesday, June 28th.

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