Lojong Slogan 10: Always Train In The Slogans

While this slogan may seem like something of a pause and an invitation to revisit the slogans we’ve taken up these last 10 months, the wording is important. This slogan is reminding us to practice with the slogans in our actual, everyday experiences. We have to be careful to not make these intellectual playthings. They’re meant to be used as one would use a tool. And while we are studying the slogans one at a time, it’s important to not leave any out of our toolkits.

With this in mind, here are again are the slogans we’ve taken up so far this year:

  1. Resolve to begin and train in the preliminaries
  2. See everything as a dream
  3. Examine the nature of awareness
  4. Don’t get stuck on peace
  5. Rest in the openness of mind
  6. In postmeditation be a child of illusion
  7. Practice sending and receiving alternatively on the breath, and…
  8. …Start with yourself
  9. Turn things around

So, I invite you to revisit the events in your life (and overall in the world) over the past few months and consider how and where each of these slogans has shown up.

Please join us for zazen this evening at 6:10pm.

— Vaughn

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